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Oxon CE Primary School

House System

Wherever possible, we try to maintain the traditions of our school.  We know that from at least 1947 onwards, the school had four houses: ‘Red, Blue, Green and Yellow’.  When children join our school, they are allocated to a house that they remain in throughout their time in school.  We ensure that siblings are always allocated to the same house. We believe that our house system helps to promote, in each child, a sense of ‘belonging’ and a feeling that they are an important part of our school.  At the start of each year, house captains and vice captains are elected. Prospective Year 6 candidates make a speech to the key stage two children in their house, who then vote to appoint these roles.

Children are awarded house points throughout the week for completing good quality work, showing improvements in specific areas, carrying out positive ‘extra’ actions and for displaying positive attitudes and behaviour.  At the end of each week the house points are collected in from all classes and are totalled for each house.  The ‘leader board’ positions are announced each Friday in whole school worship when the cup is awarded to the current leading house. At the end of each school year, the cup is awarded to the house with the most points and their name is engraved on the cup.

Our key stage two sports day is organised with the children competing for their house.  At the end of the afternoon, the sports cup is awarded to the winning house and their captain and vice-captain run the length of the track with the cup!  Other inter-house sporting competitions take place during the year, these are generally within the context of extra-curricular activities.

We find that children very much enjoy feeling part of a house.  It is an important part of school life and how we build the ‘Oxon ethos’.