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Oxon CE Primary School

Kamukuywa AC Primary School in Kenya

Oxon CE Primary School has a partnership with Kamukuywa AC Primary School in Western Kenya.  This link was established when Mr Morgan, visited Kamukuywa AC School in February 2010 as part of a project organised by Lichfield Diocese. 

The visits are as follows:

  • February 2010 - Mr Morgan visited Kamukuywa
  • February 2012 - Mrs Hepworth visited Kamukuywa and Mr Ben Wanjala came from Kenya to visit Oxon
  • February 2013 - Mrs Thurston visited Kamukuywa and was accompanied by Mr Morgan who was asked at short notice to act as the party leader for the Lichfield Diocese  
  • April 2013 - Mr Evans Wafula from Kamukuywa visited Oxon 
  • April 2015 - Mary Kunusia from Kamukuywa visited Oxon and Mr Morgan visited Kenya in May 2015 
  • February 2018 - Mr Rogers and Mr Morgan visited Kamukuywa

All these visits are funded by British Council grants.

The links between our schools are strong and significant.  The partnership is not primarily about fundraising but focusses on schools working together to better understand and support each other within the context of an interconnected global world.  The children at our school thoroughly enjoy hearing about the children in Kenya from our teachers who have visited or from the Kenyan teachers who visit us.

While fundraising is not the main focus, we have organised a number of sponsored walks to raise funds for Kamukuywa School. The money has been used for different projects including:

  • Providing fresh water and an electrical supply connection for the school
  • Purchasing additional classroom furniture
  • Refurbishing classroom walls, floors, doors and windows
  • Providing school uniforms for orphans
  • Building new toilets