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Oxon CE Primary School

Payments to School

We are a cashless school and do not accept cash or cheque payments.  All payments to school can be made via ParentPay online payment system or in cash with a barcode letter at a PayPoint such as the local Co-operative stores.

The benefits to parents and the school of using ParentPay are as follows:

  • Parents/carers are able to pay 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (allowing income to be collected in holidays and out of hours). 
  • Parents can be assured that the payment has arrived with the school, directly into the school bank account. 
  • Parents will not have to spend time searching for change to pay for dinner money or school trips.
  • There is a digital record of all payments for both parent/carers and the school to access. 
  • Parents can be confident that their card data is protected in line with industry standards.

Under the legitimate interest, lawful basis within GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), we will add your child's name, parent/carer's name, address, the child’s year group and class to the ParentPay system.  We will generate a welcome letter for parents/carers to join ParentPay, which will provide them with a temporary username and password.  Once parents join, the username will change to their email address and it will ask for a password of their choice. 

If a parent/carer already has a ParentPay account, they can simply add their child by clicking the ‘add a child’ option on the left side of the welcome page.  They will still need a welcome letter from the school which includes a username and password to be able to link the child to the existing account.  Once the child is linked, they can continue to use their existing username and password to log into their account.

Once logged into ParentPay, parents/carers can see payment items available for their child, such as school meals, uniform items, school trips, instrument lessons fees etc.  To encourage parents/carers to pay in advance for meals, and not go into arrears, there is minimum payment of £6.60 (three days worth of meals), the account will remain in credit until they have all three meals.  If paying for items of uniform, if in stock, the item should be sent home with the child the following school day e.g. pay for a sweatshirt on Monday, the item should be sent home on the Tuesday.

If parents/carers would prefer to pay for items in cash via PayPoint at the local Co-Operative, they will need a barcode to do so, please contact the school office to provide a barcode letter for the item you wish to pay for.  Simply take the barcode letter to the PayPoint shop and give it to the assistant with the money, that will either pay for that particular item or add credit to a child’s school meal account. 

Any questions or support required to set up/use ParentPay, please contact the school office who will be happy to assist.