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Oxon CE Primary School

Travelling to School

We ask that all pupils enter school from the playground at the back of the school building.  We encourage parents to walk or cycle to school making use of the many good quality paths and cycle tracks in this area.  For those who need to travel by car, the school car park is for staff and official school visitors only.  We are fortunate to have substantial parking available within a short walking distance of the school.  Our 'park and stride' car parks are located at The Gains Park shops and the Ego at the Grapes Mediterranean Restaurant.  A map showing the location of parking and suitable paths and cycle tracks can be found on the school website in the ‘Parents’ tab and ‘Travelling to School’ page.  Please note that parking in the lay by at the front of school, on Racecourse Lane, is reserved for staff and official school visitors only.

Supervision of children

We have a system that enables parents of children in Year 5 and 6 to give permission for their child to walk to and from school unaccompanied if they wish.  All other children need to be brought and collected by a responsible adult.  We will use the current permission lists unless you notify the school office of a change to this arrangement.

Cycling to School

As part of our work towards implementing sustainable practices within school, the school has cycle storage available for children who wish to cycle to and from school.  Children should use the cycle storage allocated to their year group.

Conditions for Cycling to School

Pupils cycling to school must abide by the following conditions:

  1. Pupils must cycle sensibly and follow the Highway Code at all times.
  2. Pupils must wear a cycle helmet at all times.
  3. Pupils must not cycle on the narrow footpaths that run adjacent to the school grounds. (Cycles must be pushed).
  4. Pupils entering school from the south of school should enter by the gate closest to the cycle storage.
  5. Pupils must not cycle in the school grounds. (Cycles must be pushed).
  6. Bikes must be kept in a safe and roadworthy condition.
  7. Cycles will be vulnerable to theft at the start and end of the school day and should be secured with an appropriate lock.

Cycling to school – Important Notice to Parents/Guardians

Most children cycling to school will be accompanied by an adult.  The decision as to whether your child is competent to negotiate such hazards as may present themselves on the route from home to school and back, with or without an accompanying adult, must be yours and yours alone.  In making that decision you will need to consider:

  • The age and competence of the child.
  • The length and nature of the route to school.

Oxon CE Primary School does not accept liability for any consequences of that decision.

Parents are advised to ensure they have appropriate insurance cover, as the school’s insurance does not cover loss of or damage to bicycles. It is also advised that pupils use appropriate reflective clothing and bike lights when visibility is poor, in addition to wearing a cycle helmet.