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Racecourse Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 5BJ • • 01743 351948

Oxon CE Primary School

Year 1

The curriculum covers the areas of spoken language, reading (word reading and comprehension), writing-transcription (spelling and handwriting), and writing-composition (vocabulary, grammar and punctuation).

The children experience a range of texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry both as individuals, in groups and as a class. In fiction, they focus on characters, settings and story language. In non-fiction, they look at different features of information texts and ways of expressing facts. In writing, sentences are a focus. The children compose sentences orally before writing them. They sequence sentences to form short narratives. Punctuation is beginning to be used to support meaning. They extend their sentences using a range of words and try to include new vocabulary to engage readers. In phonic work, ‘Twinkl Phonics’ sessions focus on building on the work from EYFS, using phonic knowledge and skills already learnt. Grapheme-phoneme correspondence and the blending of sounds into words are a focus. The children read and spell more complex words and apply them in their writing. They write for a variety of audiences and purposes. Spoken language is developed throughout the year using a range of activities.