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Racecourse Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 5BJ • • 01743 351948

Oxon CE Primary School

Year 6

The curriculum covers the areas of spoken language, reading (word reading and comprehension), writing-transcription (spelling and handwriting), and writing-composition (vocabulary, grammar and punctuation).

The children study a range of texts in our narrative, non-fiction (persuasion, biography and autobiography, journalistic, argument and formal/ impersonal writing), and poetry units. Within these units, the children are exposed to and have opportunities to engage with a range of text. They develop their understanding of these text types and have opportunities to evaluate them and create their own texts for a variety of audiences and purposes.

In reading, skills are further developed through a range of activities in order that the children are able to read fluently, with confidence, and can demonstrate good comprehension skills. Spoken language is developed throughout the year using a range of activities.