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Racecourse Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 5BJ • • 01743 351948

Oxon CE Primary School

Year 6

Focus areas: ‘Electricity’, ‘Light’, ‘Sound’, ‘Earth and Space’, ‘Evolution and Inheritance’, ‘Animals, including humans’ and revision of other key areas.

The children develop their ability to work scientifically by planning different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions; taking measurements; recording data and results; using test results to make predictions; reporting and presenting findings from enquiries; and identifying scientific evidence.

During the unit on 'Electricity', the children will study how the number and voltage of cells used, will affect a circuit.  They will compare and give reasons for variations in how components function, and use the recognised symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram.  During the unit on 'Light', the children will learn how light travels and how shadows are formed.  During the unit on 'Sound', the children will identify how sounds are made, how they travel, and study pitch and volume.  During the unit on 'Evolution and Inheritance' the children will learn that living things change over time and about fossils.  They will learn that living things produce offspring of the same kind.  They will identify how animals and plants adapt to suit their environment.  During the unit on 'Earth and Space' they will describe the sun, earth and moon as approximately spherical bodies and learn how the earth and moon move.  During the unit on 'Animals, including humans', the children will study the human circulatory system, the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the body and how nutrients and water are transported.